The Big Picnic with the PILOTS

The Big Picnic was very successful. As the young people and leaders/parents arrived they handed in the consent forms and collected their passport for the day. They moved to the main hall where teas, coffee, squash and biscuits awaited them. The young people completed their passport with their favourite things.

We had 3 age groups (5-7, 8-10, and 11+) participating in four 40min sessions:-

Prayer stations – 9 areas within the main Church were set with interactive activities for each person to discover, think about, and pray for.

Here's a good one:- you can take a lump of chocolate and put it in your mouth, but you miust not chew it! As you enjoy the chocalte give thanks to God for all the good things in your life . . .

Simulation Poverty – Each age group was split into two smaller groups and had to make paper bags for their family to be able to earn a living. The more paper bags the more money they gained. But the rules kept changing ie the type of paper bags required changed and those that did not fit the criteria were surplus to requirement.

Creative Crafts – After a small intro to the session of blindfold food tasting (typical diets for poorer parts of Africa), the young people used the same grains of food to create some mosaic masterpieces.

They also painted, graffiti, and made popcorn and sweet potato chips to share.

Unfair Games – The age groups were divided into smaller groups, and took part in a series of races and games. Each small group doing the same challenge but one team always had a obvious advantage. Some of the games included having to share ideas and equipment with each other so everyone can achieve the goal.



The four sessions enabled each participate to Pray for what we are blessed with and think about and pray for those who are not as fortunate. To experience the challenges those who are in poverty face when the rules continually change. Taste and experience the types of foods eaten by those in poverty and reminded the restrictions they have ie one meal a day etc. Discover that life is unfair and how we can share resources.

The Christian Aid message was central to all we did during the day.

We finished the day with worship during which we focused on the IF campaign.
Each person placed a Paper plate, carrying a message for the Government,
into a box addressed to 10 Downing Street.

We also included Jesus feeds Five thousand
and prayers for the world leaders and organisations like Christian Aid.

The only disappointment was we could not picnic outdoors due to the weather, but we had a backup plan and ate together indoors. After eating there was time for parachute games before starting the afternoon sessions.

General comments from, leaders and parents is, "the young people had a great time". "It was very relaxing and enjoyable" and "we should do this again".

We have to say a big thank you to all the leaders and parents who travelled with the young people, and to the volunteers, who are a credit to the success of this event.

Also a big thank you to Miriam Webb (National Christian Aid Youth) who travelled from London on the day to lead the simulation poverty

A massive thank you to Alice Cane (East Midlands Christian Aid Youth), for working alongside us, and for being instrumental in organising this event in a small amount of time.


Tricia and Gus (East Midlands RPO’s

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