Synod Mission Strategy Discussion Paper March 2009


East Midlands Synod United Reformed Church


Synod Mission Strategy Discussion Paper



  • We all share the hope that our church will be renewed to be more Christ-like. We believe that renewal will come from God through the Spirit working within and among us. Our engaging with the Bible, our prayers and worship together will all help us be the people God wants us to be.

  • We are all engaged in God's mission through our local church. How we do mission is the challenge. We need to examine prayerfully together in our church councils what God is calling us to and then put it into practice with all the resources that God gives us.

  • This strategy paper is for everyone in our local churches, to help us think about how the Synod can help us fulfil our calling as God's people in Christ.

  • The Synod at Whetstone on 1st November 2008 welcomed the interim statement of the Synod Mission Strategy and referred it for consideration to Synod Enabling Group (SEG) and local churches. SEG has discussed possible outcomes, necessary resources, as well as the process and timetable. This paper is now for local churches to consider and send their responses back. A simple form is provided for this purpose. Fuller and more detailed responses will also be welcomed. Please send responses by the end of June 2009.




We would like all local churches to talk about these ideas. There will be opportunities at Roadshows across the Synod in May, and Synod Officers and staff can be invited to come to your church meetings. Ministers meetings will also enable communication to be effective and all details should be on the web-site.

Please use this return form to summarize your feedback.