Dunamis Course 1 - Gateways to Empowered Ministry

The format and ethos of Dunamis

Creating a context for learning about and encountering the Holy Spirit

Dunamis is a training and equipping event - a retreat in order to advance! Each Dunamis Project event takes place over 5 days, often with two events each year. It would therefore take two and a half years to complete all six events in a series.

There is a certain style or approach to doing ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit that is embodied in the Dunamis Project. This 'style' comes from our placement in a particular stream of the Christian Faith and the Move of the Holy Spirit. 

The first of a new track of events takes place here in the East Midlands at St. John's college, Bramcote, Nottinham from the 26th to 30th april 2011.

Further details are available from the UK website http://www.dunamis.org.uk/.

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