Minister's Summer School 2012

Minsters summer school has started at the Hayes, Swanwick on Monday 28 May 2012 with John and Olive Drane as the main speakers.

Asked to speak about the Mission of the church in the 21st Century, John Drane began with an afternoon session entitled “Challenges and opportunities in the emerging culture” He gave a quick overview of how society has changed over the last few centuries, emphasising the rapidity of change in current times. This presents some clear challenges to churches who are genuinely wanting to share the gospel with 21st century people.

Olive continued the theme in the evening session outlining what “Adapting to the new environment ” would mean.  An informative and challenging first day!

In between, David Downing, the minister of Derby Central, gave a presentation on Fairtrade coffee, sharing some of the story of his visit to a cooperative in Costa Rica. You can find out more for yourself at the IGWI coffee website

Symbolically laying our burdens down
Worship this year is led by Malcolm Fife and Jenny Crane.

The opening act of worship saw us all symbolically laying down our ministerial burdens by placing a marker on a map of the east Midlands.

Tomorrow, I hope to post links to some of the videos they are using.

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