Synod Expenses Claims - Banking

Since January 2013, The Royal Bank of Scotland has provided our banking services and facilities.

Please be aware that the bank is in the process of re-branding and has indicated it will be known as 'Williams & Glyn'.

This has meant some significant changes for the office staff and the need to update our systems and records.

The most significant change affects anyone who claims expenses. All of these payments are now made by bank transfer. 

An Expenses Claim form (attached with this article) has been created and this also allows for individuals to register their bank information when making a claim, if details are not already held in the office.

The form can be downloaded and completed - preferably electronically - and then returned to Chris Willis in the office either as an email attachment or by post.  Email address:

It is necessary to get the claim authorised by your group's convenor / budget holder or a Synod Officer before it can be considered for processing.

Information on how to complete the details listed on the form itself.

Processing of authorised claims will normally be carried out on a Tuesday.

I trust you will find this helpful.

David J Greatorex


Updated to Version 5 - 10 December 2016

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