FACE COVERINGS - Made with God's Love

Face Coverings - Made and Given with God's Love


This is the message which accompanies the free face coverings being made and given away by Methodist Churches in Lincolnshire - just one example of the outreach taking place in the country.  Once made by members, the masks are left outside the buildings for people to take - with a card from the church enclosed - as a blessing to the community.

Below you will find the instructions and the templates:

Hi Sisters and Brothers. I have a pattern for face coverings, which are a good outreach ‘give away’ at this time. The idea is to make masks, wash and iron them then place in freezer/sandwich bags outside churches with the message ‘Made and given with God’s love’. and church connect details. Message me if you would like the pattern.

I have used 'fat quarters' from Aldi, which are on line and a good price I think.

Cut two pieces of fabric and stitch right sides together leaving a space at the bottom to enable it to be turned right sides out.

Press and pleat the mask as directed on the pattern and stitch in place. Hand stitch the small open area.  Another option is to  turn right sides out and top stitch around the edges, therefore sewing up the open portion at the bottom, then press and pleat.

Then add elastic on each side to fit around each ear.   I have used 1/4 inch elastic placed at 90 degrees at 1/4 inch from top and bottom edges,

Wash, Iron and place in bags as mentioned above.  

Perhaps you or members of your church/community would like to be part of this outreach to bless your communities.



The Revd Bruce Thompson, Chair of Lincolnshire Methodist District, pictured modelling one of the masks.