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This call to Assembly from the Coptic Bishop Angaelos and repeated in the Statement on the result of the EU Referendum marks how General Assembly meeting in Southport in July sought to Walk the Way.

The programme was packed with business, worship, Bible study and speakers from partner churches.  East Midlands Synod sent 16 representatives, together with the Moderator and several people who serve as Convenors of Assembly Committees and Groups.  The Resolution giving permission for local United Reformed Churches which wish to do so to register their premises for the marriage of same sex couples, hit the national news headlines on Saturday evening.  Other Resolutions of importance to the wider world, for example on the outcome of the EU Referendum, welcome to refugees, a new environmental policy and a call for an international nuclear weapons ban treaty, did not.  For local churches and members of the URC however all these Resolutions and others, including those on Walking the Way, authorised Elders, the deployment of ministers and Churches Mutual Credit Union, will be shaping our life and witness over the next two years.

URC Communications have produced a brief report on the first three days, ‘General Assembly 2016 News Round Up’ which you can find on the General Assembly home page of the URC website: A fuller report will follow.

We have gathered reports and comments from some of our representatives which we share here:


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