Making a Joyful Noise URC Music Day 2019 - 5th October 2019

Making a Joyful Noise - URC Music Day 5th October 2019 

Saturday 5th October - Palmers Green United Reformed Church, London, N13 4AL

Theme: "Well-being and Music Across the Generations"

The day will help us explore the place of music in wellbeing and spirituality. It is becoming increasingly important for us to talk about and explore self-care: music plays a vital part in this process, not just in our individual lives but also in our communal lives. We will be joined by Jennifer Kavanagh who is a Quaker, retreat leader and speaker and writer on the Spirit-led life. She is also a trained singer. Music is central to her life, if not to her (largely silent) Quaker worship! Jennifer will spend time with us in the morning sharing her thoughts on our theme and expand ideas of singing from our silence. We will also take some time to consider the “cantus firmus” as explored by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (you might like to dip into “Melodies of a New Monasticism” by Craig Gardiner to get a taste of some of these ideas).

As well as listening and talking we’ll also have time to make music and sing. By the end of the day we hope we will have a sense of well-being though our music making together.