National URC resources during the Covid-19 crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has forced us to close our doors – and yet has opened the floodgates to a great outpouring of prayer, reflection and worship that can freely accessed while we are unable to gather together in person. On this website we plan to share some of the creative responses of churches within the East Midlands Synod. An essential starting point for churches and individuals, however, is the wide-ranging support offered through the national United Reformed Church website.

Visit regularly for updated advice and resources.  These now include specific “Thoughts for Ministers” offered by leaders of the Tragedies and Christian Congregations Project:

In response to the lockdown, the URC’s Daily Devotions have introduced a recorded service each Sunday morning, with an order of service emailed in advance. To sign up visit:

The national website continues to host a comprehensive list of churches throughout England, Wales and Scotland who are making services or devotions available online:

It also offers a set of simple how-to guides for those seeking help in sharing services online, recording podcasts or making use of social media:  Similarly, you will find hints and tips on filming sermons ( and using Zoom for meetings (

In the weeks ahead we will share further posts, exploring some of the remarkable ways churches here in the East Midlands Synod have been inspired to respond to the current need for pastoral support and spiritual sustenance.

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