New Reality, Same Mission

New Reality, Same Mission

A stimulus to renewed community engagement as we emerge from the Pandemic

The United Reformed Church has this week published a new resource booklet to help churches explore how they might respond to the current needs, opportunities and injustices in their local neighbourhoods. 


New reality, same mission complements last month’s publication by the URC Synod Moderators Ready for the new ‘normal’ and takes some of the questions posed in that booklet as its starting point to explore the themes of community presence and engagement and social justice in these challenging times. Mission and ministry are bound to take new forms in the new reality that will follow Covid-19: where is God already at work? And how should we join in?


Written by members of the CRCW and Church and Society teams, the booklet asks what kind of society and economy we want to rebuild after the pandemic and points to resources and organisations that can provide advice and support. 


The booklet can be downloaded via this link: and is also available via:  


Ready for the new ‘normal’, meanwhile, can still be downloaded via: