Pulpit Supply Refunds from Church House

Please see below information from Church House amending the provisions in The Plan for Partnership


Following its meeting on 9 June 2016 the Maintenance of the Ministry Sub-Committee agreed to increase the maximum pulpit supply refund from central funds from £30 to £40 per service from 1 July 2016. This was in recognition of inflation and the fact that the amount was last increased in July 2000.

For information I attach a copy of the notes of guidance and the pulpit supply fees and expenses claim form.

Daphne Morton continues to deal with the refunds and any enquiries from  local churches on this subject.

Daphne's email is mm.fund@urc.org.uk 

Best wishes,


Mrs Mary Steele, Payroll Manager

The United Reformed Church

86 Tavistock Place

London WC1H 9RT

Tel: 020 7916 8639

Email: mom.payroll@urc.org.uk


David J Greatorex,

Treasurer 24/06/2016

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