Funding Sources for Churches

Funding Sources for


Community Mission provide an email newsletter which
lists various sources of funding, most, though not all are relevant to churches
and other voluntary organisations


Charitable Trust
is committed to making a difference in areas with an Abbey
bank branch. It funds projects that focus on education and training, helping
people manage their money, or community regeneration. It offers grants of
between £500 and £4,000 but accepts applications up to £20,000 for projects in
areas with a Community Partnership Group (including Bradford, Sheffield, Camden,
Northern Ireland and Glasgow).  There are no deadlines or application forms. For
information on what to include in your letter of interest visit
their website


O2’s Its your
funding initiative asks the question, ‘If you could change one
thing about where you live, what would it be?’ and offers from £100 to £1,000 to
individuals and groups who develop projects that bring people together and
benefit community life.  Funding can be used for equipment, clean-up projects
and many other possible community
. Read their application
, apply
or phone 0800 902 0250 for more information. The deadline is the
20th of each month for decisions by the 10th of the next


The Anchor
supports Christian charities that are working for social
inclusion through the ministries of healing and the arts. Its grants range from
£500 to £10,000 for up to three years and the projects it has
are varied. The next application is 31 July for a decision in
November. Read the information
or complete an online


The Garfield Weston Foundation makes
grants to UK charities, including churches, and its focus is education, arts,
health, welfare and the environment. It funds diverse work by churches and does
not have a funding limit for applications. There is no application deadline and
grants are made for one year. Read the information
for churches
, application
and projects previously funded. To apply, download an application form.


Allchurches Trust provides
grants to churches for building projects, renovation and community initiatives.
There is no deadline for applications. Read case studies of
awarded funds, complete an application
, email them or phone 01452 336


The Coalfields
Regeneration Trust
is accepting applications of up to £10,000 for its Bridging
the Gap
programme. Successful projects must provide clear and immediate
benefits to an eligible coalfields community and be completed in one year.
Download an information booklet, apply online or use
these regional contact
for more information.


Nationwide Foundation’s
small grants
is accepting applications for up to £5,000 to support projects
working to respond to domestic violence as well as those working with families
of prisoners and young offenders. To apply you must be a registered charity with
an income under £500,000. Applications can be made at any time. To apply,
complete the application
and send it to their office or for more information phone 01793 655


The Peter De Haan Charitable Trust
offers grants for projects impacting children and young
, specifically those aimed at early intervention and community issues.
Total grants awarded this year will be £2-£3 million and grants can be made for
project-based costs or to subsidise core costs for up to three years.
Applications can be made at any time but major grants are decided in June,
September and December. The website includes application


E.ON is a leading energy
company in the UK. Its SOURCE Fund provides grants
up to £20,000 for community projects that improve energy efficiency of their
buildings. To be eligible, the project needs to benefit young people, older
people and those in fuel poverty. Applications must be received by 15 May or 16
October for the next rounds of funding. The website includes funding criteria, FAQs and guidance notes. To apply,
complete the application

Community Connections
 aims to reduce the number
of people who do not have access to the internet
. It provides
community organisations with a laptop and free internet connection for one year
as well as help creating a website. Applications can be made individually
or as a
of up to five organisations, which reduces administration. Read about
who can
, past
, application
or complete the online
application form

 small grants
offers between £300 and £10,000 to community
projects that increase participation in sport
. The possibilities
are varied
and include more than just football and cricket: ie dancing,
cycling, taekwondo, pool, badminton and many others. There are no application
deadlines and applications are normally awarded within six weeks. Projects must
be completed within 12 months and have a budget of £50,000 or less. Read their
or phone 08458 508 508.


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