Recruitment of New Moderator

25th June 2019



Following Revd Peter Meek’s decision to retire from stipendiary ministry at the 31st December 2019, East Midlands Synod is beginning the process of recruiting a new Synod Moderator who will serve initially from 2020 to 2027.  The Synod Council is preparing a Synod Profile describing the Synod, its churches, and the challenges and opportunities ahead. It will also describe the kind of person we are looking for to lead the Synod over the next few years. 

The leadership provided by the person appointed will be important for all our churches and the ministers and CRCWs serving in the Synod.  We would therefore like you to tell us what qualities you think we need in a new Moderator and what are likely to be the priorities for the Synod going forward. 

You might find it helpful to group your comments in the following categories.  Please be brief.  No more than two or three points in each category will be enough for us to build up a picture.

  1. Needs of the churches in the Synod
  2. Challenges and opportunities for the Synod
  3. Gifts and skills needed for the role
  4. Experience of person to be appointed - in the church and the wider world

The appointment timetable is tight.  The earliest a new Moderator can be in post is Easter 2020.  To achieve this we must complete our Synod Profile by mid-August.

Send your responses to Mrs Helen Lidgett, Synod Clerk, by 26th July 2019 on or by post to the Synod Office.


Mrs Helen Lidgett

Synod Clerk