Guidance from the Synod Moderators on closing church buildings for public worship (Statement 5/1/21)

Guidance from the Synod Moderators on closing church buildings for public worship - Synod Moderators strongly recommend that churches should cease to meet for in-person worship and move exclusively to online or paper-based worship material.

Pastoral Letter, Statement from URC General Assembly Moderators and Latest Advice from Synod Moderators on Places of worship and community halls during November lockdown in England

  • Pastoral Letter for the Churches of East Midlands Synod at the beginning of the second lockdown
  • Latest advice from Synod Moderators on ‘places of worship and community halls during November lockdown in England’
  • Statement from the URC General Assembly Moderators, Revd Clare Downing & Mr Peter Pay

In sad and glad remembrance - written by Revd Michael Forster

In sad and glad remembrance - Revd Michael Forster

Written by Michael Forster, one of our own Synod's retired ministers, this hymn was used in Sunday evening's live-streamed "Lincoln Remembers: Covid, Grief and Hope"...

Transition from Lockdown

A group of the URC’s Training & Development Officers have compiled this simple document, giving examples of what some churches have done during the lockdown and how they are now adapting their practice during this tricky transitional period...

Coronavirus: URC guidance around face coverings

In light of the various guidance issued by the governments in England, Scotland and Wales, the United Reformed Church (URC) Synod Moderators strongly encourage the use of face coverings for all people attending worship and other URC events that involve face-to-face meetings

Image: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

New Reality, Same Mission

A stimulus to renewed community engagement as we emerge from the Pandemic

URC produces plan for new normal post-Covid-19

Are you ready for the “new normal”? United Reformed Church (URC) Synod Moderators have produced a new booklet to help churches and ministers move forward once the Covid-19 lockdown eases

Coronavirus in 17 Syllables

Coronavirus in 17 syllables

During the lockdown the Revd Derek Hopkins, minister at Yardley Hastings, has not only been supporting the church’s contribution to community action in the village but has expressed his reactions to coronavirus in a series of haiku. This is a Japanese verse form of 17 syllables over three lines (typically 5,7,5) and often with a contrast or development in the final line...

Worshipping together, apart

It is truly inspiring to see the many ways URC ministers and members in the East Midlands have responded to the challenges of worshipping God during a lockdown, with almost as many solutions as there are churches. From shared prayer sheets to pre-recorded services and even live telerooms, the approaches are myriad. Here are just a few examples...


Churches with paid employees

Does your church have any paid staff, for example a caretaker or administrator, and their work has stopped because your premises are closed...?  Click to read more


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