Free Software you can Download

Various resources will be mounted on this website.
They will often be offered:

  • as Portable document files - in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)
  • as word processor files - in MS Word format (.doc)
  • as a spreadsheet - in MS excel format (.xls)
  • as Video Presentations - in MS Powerpoint format(.ppt)

But what do you do if you do not have a program capable of reading these files?

Answer: download (for free) one of the programs below,

For more information, contact me through the website with category = website.

PDF files

Provided Free by Adobe, this allows you to read (but not edit) Adobe  Portable Document (.pdf) files

A smaller, faster .pdf viewer is available from Foxit

Foxit LogoFoxit Reader

Documents, Powerpoints and Spreadsheets

Microsoft, has removed support for its 'viewers'
which used to be able to read documents, powerpoints and spreadsheets.
They want you to Word online, or Office 365, or the latest version of MS Office.

Either version of Office costs.

Word Online is free, but you are sending your document up to computer in the cloud.
I do not think that is a good idea especially if your file has confidential material.

Luckily there are free alternatives

LibeOffice Linkis an Office Suite
that is capable of creating and editing
Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets 
and Powerpoint Presentations,
and more.

Photographs and images

If you neeed to edit photos or create your own artwork,
then The GIMP may by the program you have been looking for.
This is an open source rival for Photoshop.

Darktable is an open source is an open source rival for Adobe Lightroom.  It can edit regular .jpg files and develop most RAW formats.

Inkscape - Logo Inkscape will allow you to create line drawings and clip art as scaleable vector graphics (.svg).  A large amount of free clip art you can download and use was made with this tool.
Kompozer Web Editor If you want to have a go at creating your own webpages,
then try the wyswig editor at
(Although I would suggest using a free online web builder such as Wix)

Sharing your Documents

The best way to share your work is through Adobe Portable Document or .pdf files
which are designed to look the same on every computer.

Most word processors (including LibreOffice )
can create .pdf files from your work - by "saving as" or "exporting to" .pdf format.

If your software does not export to .pdf, then then you can download a 'PDF printer' 
which looks like a printer to all your software, but creates a .pdf file instead!
A quick search of the internet will reveal many free offerings.
For windows, I recommend PDFCreator a free and open-source offering
This will also create graphics files (.jpg) of your documents.

Sharing .doc fles (or similar)

Often, however, you will need to share your original editable documents.
For example, when you are submitting a report for synod or a newsletter,
or sending something to be put up on the website.

You will then usually be asked to send a .doc file.
You can make life a great deal easier for the person who has to copy your text over
by reading the simple tips in "Sharing Documents Electronically" (.doc file) .

Compressed Files

Some large files may be offered in a compressed (.zip) format in order to reduce the size of the file you have to download.

Your operating system should allow you to open these just by double clicking on them in your file manager.
If not then it is time to upgrade your system - for security reasons!

In windows, they can appear as "compressed folders".

You can create your own 'zip' files by using the right mouse button over some white space in 'My Computer',
and choosing 'New > Compressed folder'. Then you can drag and drop files to and from to your hearts content!

If you want more flexibility, then a totally free and open-source alternative is 7-ZIP.
This is also available for Mac and Linux operating systems.

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