The New Email System

During the last weekend of May 2020 we transferred our emails to a new provider.

We bulk - transferred all of the existing emails (those that are still on the server) over before making the switch.

If you have files archived in Outlook or Thunderbird, these will be in local folders on your machine – they will remain there.

Please log onto the old web based interface and check that to see if any emails arrived at the older mailbox after the back up.  If there are simply FORWARD them to yourself  (this works after 14:25 Mon 1 July)
(i.e. I logged into

, found a 'stray' email, and forwarded it to

- it was sent to the new mailbox )

Here is a link to our providers Userguide for the new web interface -  MailCore Pro User Guide

There are two attached files

Migrate your Contacts.pdf
tells you how to migrate any contacts you have on the web based interface from the old system to the new.

Moving to the New email system.pdf
tells you

a) how to access the existing web based email from your browser using

b) how to access the new MailCore Pro web based email using server

You can open both at the same time and check that all the emails have been transferred.

c) check your Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac-Mail or other email app settings
to make sure it uses and NOT an easy-internet address or

Accessing your OLD account by web interface

Accessing your OLD account by IMAP interface

Accessing your NEW account by web interface

The MailCore Pro Email interface  

Accessing your from Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail and other apps

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