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Cancelled: EM Synod Meeting - Saturday 21st March 2020

In light of the coronavirus, we want to ensure that we are doing all that we can to prevent its spread and keep people safe. The Synod Officers have therefore decided, after careful thought, to cancel the East Midlands Synod Meeting on Saturday 21st March 2020...

October Synod Meeting Minutes

2019 October Synod - Report

Oct 2019 Synod at the Crossing from the back

An illustrated report on our 2019 Autumn Synod.
Added the FULL Draft Synod Environmental Policy to go alongside the summary. 18/11/19



The Charity Registration guidance has been updated to reflect the Charity Commission's updated website and can now be found at:

M & M in 2019

We are well into the period for considering the 2020 payments towards the M&M Fund.

John Betjeman Award 2019

Synod Structures - 2019

Details of the Synod Structures

as proposed by the Synod Structures and Priorities Review Group (SSPRG) in 2019

Implementation is happening – you can play a part!

Photo Consent Form

We must ensure that all people in photographs/images have given their permission for their images to be used.  This needs to be written consent - please find attached, below, the East Midlands Synod Photo Consent Form. 

East Midlands Synod Office

2018 March Synod - Report

The Synod begins - view from the side

An illustrated report on our 2018 Spring Synod.

Update to Synod Review Group


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