EMURCE-LETTER 348 - 22nd July 2021

Opening Reflection by: Derek Graham, Training & Development Officer

EMURCE-LETTER 347 - 8th July 2021

Opening Reflection by the Revd David Featonby, Convenor of the Lay Ministries Group

Information from Synod Treasurer

Claiming Gift Aid under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme during the Covid19 pandemic.
Please keep watching here for updates.
David J Greatorex, Treasurer


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Feasts and Festivals

Information about Synod events and the celebrating freedom pack available to download

Synod Moderator Review for East Midlands Synod


Synod Moderator Review
for East Midlands Synod....

EMURCE-LETTER 345 - 10th June 2021

Opening Reflection by: The Revd George Mwaura, Convenor of the Ordained Ministry and Churches Group (OMCG)

EMURCE-LETTER 344 - 27th May 2021

Opening reflection by: Geoff Milnes, East Midlands Synod Property Officer

EMURCE-Letter 343 - 13th May 2021

Opening Reflection by: Pippa Hodgson, Convenor of Training and Development Group

EMURCE-LETTER 341 - 15th April 2021

Opening Reflection by: Ron Kenyon, Chair of East Midlands Synod Trust


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