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Office Staff

Synod Office, 1 Edwards Lane, Nottingham, NG5 3AA
Tel: 0115 960 9241, Fax 0115 960 9202;

The office is usually open
Monday - Thursday, 9.00am - 3.00pm

You can contact any of these people via the synod Office.

Finance Team

Finance Team


The East Midlands Finance Team are as follows:-

Convenor of Finance and Property - (currently vacant - please contact Treasurer for Finance matters, or Trust Officer for Property)

Treasurer - David Greatorex

Ministry and Mission Fund Officer - Leslie Allwood

Finance Networkers:

Derbyshire - Leslie Allwood

Leicestershire - Peter Rippon

Letter from John Proctor - Synod Moderator Review for East Midlands Synod

Please click on the attachment for the full letter from Revd John Proctor

Property Networkers

                                                                                       Property Networkers

Pastoral Consultants for your Area

Pastoral Consultants for your Area
as at 19.09.19

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